Our Strategy

Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Construction and Decision-Making

Portfolio Managers

Bowling's portfolio construction process is designed to provide a highly objective framework for decision making. As a primary screen and objectivity measure, each strategy begins with the appropriate Russell Index for the selection universe.

  • Large Cap Equity - Russell 1000
  • Small Cap Core - Russell 2000
  • Small Cap Value - Russell 2000
  • All Cap Equity - Russell 3000

We then employ a fundamentally based, yet quantitatively applied multi-factor model in building our portfolios. We apply this multi-factor analysis to each security in the strategy-appropriate universe. The output of our model is a discrete rank on a daily basis for each security. Our model incorporates both longer term and short term signals in order to capture well known, fundamentally based market anomalies and properties of valuation and momentum. This model rank, and the consistency with which our portfolio construction process is applied, is the basis for Bowling's differentiation in the market.

Risk Control

We consider risk management to be an inherent component of our portfolio construction process, from the development and refinement of our fundamentally based multi-factor model, through security ranking and selection, ongoing portfolio monitoring and sell decisions. Bowling controls risk as described throughout our portfolio construction process. This includes a series of portfolio constraints, from the universe we will invest in, through the specific allocations we will provide to any specific security, industry and sector. While we maintain a series of risk management portfolio construction guidelines, we are ultimately an active manager seeking to deliver alpha above the benchmark over the long term.