U.S. Equity Strategies

Large Cap Value Strategy

Bowling was founded in 1982. From its beginning, the firm has been exclusively committed to value investing. Our flagship strategy, Large Cap Equity, was incepted in 1988.

In 2011, Bowling was certified as a Woman Owned Enterprise by the WBENC.

For over a quarter of a century, Bowling Portfolio Management LLC has been utilizing quantitative strategies in the management of their client portfolios. The firm has based its investment philosophy on the cornerstones of behavioral finance and has endeavored to bring discipline, objectivity, and consistency to the investment process.

Darren Kavesh, CFA, Chief Investment Officer and Kathy Wayner, President and CEO, have melded the fundamentals of quantitative investing into a unique model which blends the essence of fundamental analysis with dynamic technical factors. This highly quantitative and disciplined approach removes much of the emotional bias from the buy/sell decision making process.

The Bowling associates embrace their long legacy of providing U.S. equity management to both institutions and high net worth clients. The Large Cap Equity Strategy has been the flagship strategy since 1988. In 2001, Bowling's Proprietary Quantitative model was rolled out and was fully integrated into the investment process. This model has been the basis for all investment decisions since 2001.

Bowling now manages assets for a wide variety of clients, including institutions and its legacy high net worth clients.